OS - 15K

Coffee Roasting Machine

OS -15K Coffee Roasting Machine

OS - 15K coffee roasting machine is specially designed for small scale companies that can roast 15 kg of coffee weighing 750 kilograms. Product inspection spoon, product sight glass, waste collection cyclone, heating indicator synchronized roasting and cooling system and high density mixing arm are in this coffee machine. There is cooling unit for cooling round roasted coffee. It works with electric and LPG. fan motor, cooler fan motor, air transport engine has 4 engines. This coffee roasting machine with its unique design can roast delicious delicious coffees. There is cooling system for cooling round roasted coffees. depending on the temperature in the time interval of the color of the core is roasted. Coffee roasting machines are PLC controlled and can be adapted to any desired and required environment.

Energy Features

  • LPG[1 Burner]:5 kW
  • Natural GasMin:4.6kW[0.5 m≥/h] Max:2.8 m≥/h
  • DieselMin:5 kW Max:28 kW


  • Roasting Time:30 dk
  • Boiler Capacity:15 kg/h
  • Average Capacity:15-30 kg/h

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