OS - 850

Batch Type Fryer

OS - 850 Batch Type Fryer

This fryer is used to fry almost any kind of nuts. OS-850 tilt fryer can fry nuts like chips, peanut sauce, roasted chickpea, peanut, cashew and cheerleader in a delicious way. The main components of the OS-850 tilt fryer are the oil frying unit installed on the OS-850 tilting fryer product. is built on an elevated platform that is rotated within the platform. The product is then moved into the porous centrifugal drum by means of an empty container placed on the cleaner, then the vessel is immersed in the heated oil for frying while rotating to ensure that all products are brought to the required level. this also eliminates the loss of pride from the excavator frying process. The OS-850 is completely rust-resistant and rust-resistant, which is easy and aesthetically attractive for hygienic maintenance; it is also moderately resistant to moisture chemicals and foodstuffs without damaging or pitting the machine. The heated oil, which is efficient to reduce the cost of batch production, is circulated hygienically, the machine also has mechanical filters that can filter dirt from the oil and reuse the oil tank to a certain degree. it also has heaters to prevent oil from freezing or condensing the heater; maintains the amount of oil required for rotation of the cylindrical drum and is also movable in the vertical position; The cylindrical drum can rotate counter-clockwise to discharge the product. The porous cylindrical stand allows the oil to be exchanged freely with the product and the product is fried homogeneously. The fryer unit is placed on a movable platform for easy transport.


  • Cone Chips:500-650 kg/h
  • Peanut Sauce:320-470 kg/h
  • Chickpea Sauce:320-470 kg/h
  • Peanut:300-450 kg/h
  • Cashew:320-470 kg/h
  • Amigo Peanuts:320-470 kg/h

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